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Let us help you save more. Taking care of yourself and taking care of the environment doesn’t have to be a choice any more, at least when it comes to heating your home

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We find the company that is the best fit for you.

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Co-op Member Turns 100

Clara K. of Rocky Hill just turned 100 years old in August of 2015. She’s been with the Co-op since 2006 and says, “I’ve done a good job telling others about the Co-op. https://riwaqalazhar.com ” She is the first Centurion in the Co-op, that we know of, and to celebrate her 100 years we not only made her a lifetime member but refunded all of her dues that she had paid over the years. visitlcvalley.com

Congratulations to Clara!

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Grateful members since 2007

We are so very happy to be members and to receive the benefit of reduced per gallon cost of home heating oil. The amount we save is very useful toward other expenses. We are grateful for learning of this program and will continue to share the program with others as we continue our membership. 

Mark and Alison Laucella

Members since 2007, Middletown, CT

Saving on Insurance

I actually had a really good experience with Bearingstar. They were able to save me a few hundred bucks a year compared to my old insurance company which I was surprised about because my old insurance was by far the cheapest I could find just a year ago. They were very pleasant and easy to work with and yet they weren’t pushy.

Jason Billings

Co-op Member Since 2011, East Lyme, CT

Saving on Oil and Electricity

I’m saving cash on oil and electricity with the co-op and in times like this, that keeps me warm and happy!

I’ve been using them for three seasons. If you heat with oil, they can save you money. Their site usually shows their average price, which varies based on current wholesale pricing in Connecticut. I always do better than regular retail rates. You can still arrange with an oil provider to service your furnace just as you normally would. All the details are on their site or are available by calling them. There’s a very low fee to sign up for the oil co-op and none right now for the new electric co-op.

I just signed up for their new electric co-op service, which promises savings of five to 20 percent over “standard offer” electric rates. I got my first bill with the new provider and it was almost 17% lower than my bill from last month – and I even used an extra kilowatt hour of electricity this month. Again, it’s very easy and there’s no long term commitment or fee to switch. Your bill still comes from your regular electric company.

Check these guys out!

Paul S.

West Hartford, CT