Heating & Energy Services in CT and RI

If you’re ready to join the solar energy revolution, Citizen’s Co-op in Connecticut and Rhode Island is your perfect introduction into cooperative energy services. With the power and support of our cooperative, you don’t have to jump into this brave new world alone. The power of our cooperative community is based in our unity—and the more members we have, the stronger the community.

With a comprehensive array of heating and energy services for CT and RI residents, at affordable discounted prices, plus inexpensive insurance and home energy audits, Citizen’s Oil Co-op can save you money on home energy services. But that’s not all, we also can use the power of bulk purchasing to insure you get the best service! You’re not alone. And that’s a good feeling.

Our Services

Citizen’s Oil Co-op offers the following services (click to view):

Heating Oil

For over 30 years, the Co-op has been negotiating competitive heating oil rates for its members throughout the state of Connecticut


Using bioheat supports our domestic economy, reduces our dependence on foreign oil and enhances our national security.


The Co-op does not have an electric offer available at this time. We are working to create a new relationship with an electricity supplier and secure a rate.


Many of our participating companies offer full propane service along with heating oil. You can take advantage of even more savings if you get your oil and propane from the same company.


The Citizen’s Oil Co-op has partnered up with Bearingstar Insurance to bring our customers discounts on auto and homeowners insurance.

Solar Energy

Going solar locks in a fixed electric rate and reduces the cost of the electricity you buy each month. Most solar customers pay about 25% less than they were paying their old electric company for traditional power.

Discover the benefits of our membership referral program that pays you for every new member you add to either the Citizen’s oil Co-op in CT or RI. Each referral adds benefits when coupled with our Next Step partnership program. Our Next Step Partnership program donates to your favorite organization for each new member that signs up with the Co-op — the more people, the more money goes to the organization.

As you investigate the benefits of joining our cooperative, we hope that you see more than just a group of people looking to save money. Our Co-op represents a diverse group of people who all care about our communities and planet. We leverage our services to provide the best benefits for the individual consumer, the cooperative, and the planet.

The more people we have in the Co-op, the better we can negotiate with providers and that benefits all of our members.


/member joining the Oil Co-op

Community Partnerships

Citizen’s Oil Co-op, Inc. is now offering a partnership that allows you to take the savings the Citizen’s Oil Co-op offers and direct it toward an area of your own personal interest and involvement. By taking the Next Step you can register any approved organization, church, non-profit or group to be eligible to receive the $10.00 application fee per member joining the Oil Co-op.