One Member September

During ONE MEMBER SEPTEMBER, we will be sending out a $25 dollar gift card to any member who signs up a friend, neighbor or relative. Sign up all three and that is in your pocket plus we will waive your dues for the following year!
In order to qualify for waiving your annual dues, any new member must mention your name when they sign up for you to receive credit. You must also be an active member with your dues paid in full.  Once the new referral receives their first delivery for oil and/or propane we will put your $25 dollars in the mail!

We are so very happy to be members and to receive the benefit of reduced per gallon cost of home heating oil. The amount we save is very useful toward other expenses. We are grateful for learning of this program and will continue to share the program with others as we continue our membership. 

Mark and Alison Laucella

Members since 2007, Middletown, CT