Community Partnerships

Citizen’s Oil Co-op, Inc. is now offering a partnership that allows you to take the savings the Citizen’s Oil Co-op offers and direct it toward an area of your own personal interest and involvement.

Take The Next Step

By taking the Next Step you can register any approved organization, church, non-profit or group to be eligible to receive the $10.00 application fee per member joining the Oil Co-op.

Just do the math and look how your organization can flourish. Say 100 members of your organization join in a given year. The co-op will assign $1,000 back to your organization based on those people. Payments from the Citizen’s Oil Co-op, Inc. to your organization are made bi-annually.

Members cannot use the referral program in conjunction with the Next Step partnership. Payments to organizations will be bi-annually when they exceed $50.00 per period or will be carried over to the next period.

Remember: Citizen’s Oil Co-op, Inc. helps consumers throughout the state save money on their home heating oil. By combining the purchasing power of thousands of heating oil consumers, Citizen’s Oil Co-op has negotiated competitively lower prices for full-service heating. Members enjoy a savings of 15 to 25 cents or more per gallon compared to the state average for full-service oil. All participating companies have service available 24/7 and offer service contracts and billing arrangements.


Buena Vista Property Owners Association (BVPOA)

A close knit organization in West Hartford dedicated to preserving the history of the Buena Vista neighborhood, as well as, strengthening the community.  A resource of information,   BVPOA has been working for over 50 years to provide its residents with ideas and events,which bring the residents in this community closer together.  One crowd pleaser is their annual Fall Fest.  BVPOA also offers its members information on neighborhood safety, home utilities, along with other amenities and group discounts for its members.  Citizen’s Oil Co-op, Inc. has recently partnered with BVPOA to bring its members even more savings and help them raise money for their cause.  Give us a call today to see how a strategic partnership like this can be beneficial for you and your community!

Connecticut Citizens Action Group (CCAG)

Established in 1970 by Ralph Nader and Tobey Moffet, CCAG has been fighting for justice on behave of its members on key issues such as environmental awareness, healthcare, democracy, and consumer protection.  Citizen’s Oil Co-op was created at CCAG as a means to use the power of numbers to protect its members and offer them discounted rates on home energy.  Although Citizen’s Oil Co-op was incorporated in 1992, our roots are out of CCAG and we still keep a strong partnership with this organization to continue to fight for the rights of individual consumers and offer our members information and price discounts on home energy.

Friends of Fernridge Park

Friends of Fernridge Park is a non-profit based out of West Hartford that strives to preserve the upkeep of Fernridge Park as well as bring the community closer together.  Friends of Fernridge Park has been organizing community events like tag sales, bake sales, and holiday events to raise money for the preservation of the park and give residents of the neighborhood a place to meet each other and build a strong sense of community.  The Co-op is excited to support a non-profit like this in our own backyard and keep our local park clean and beautiful.  Check them out on facebook at

Town of Roxbury

Here at Citizen‚Äôs Oil Co-op we are very excited about our recent partnership with the Town of Roxbury and their fuel bank.¬† In the fall of 2013, with the help of Roxbury‚Äôs selectman, Barbara Henry, we were able to set up the ‚ÄúRoxbury Challenge‚ÄĚ.¬† The challenge is to get the townspeople to reach a goal of 100 new members in Roxbury.¬† Once accomplished our heating oil provider has agreed to drop his already discounted price an additional 20 cents per gallon!¬† That will translate to big savings for all of our members in the town of Roxbury.¬† We are also excited to announce our strategic partnership with the Roxbury Fuel Bank where the Co-op has agreed to give back $10 dollars towards the fuel bank for every new member in Roxbury.¬† These numbers will add up quick and benefit each individual member as well as the entire Town of Roxbury.¬† Call us today to see how you can get involved and save money on your home energy!

West Hartford Youth Basketball League (WHYBL)

Citizen‚Äôs Oil Co-op is always looking for ways to give back to the community and support local youth organizations and WHYBL is a great example.¬† WHYBL is an exciting league that gives children an opportunity to compete while teaching them valuable lessons like sportsmanship and teamwork.¬† For over 5 years, the Co-op has sponsored a team in the league and is pleased to include WHYBL in our ‚ÄúNext Step‚ÄĚ program.¬† If your son or daughter is in the league this is a great opportunity for you to join our Co-op for your home energy savings while also supporting the West Hartford Youth Basketball League.