Home Energy Audits

Energy audits across Connecticut are available with a $75 copay.
NESE will do up to $600 of work in your home.
Audits offer great rebates on additional work.

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The Co-op has partnered with  New England Smart Energy to offer energy audits to our members.

Heating and cooling systems account for more than 56% of a home’s energy use. With energy prices higher than ever before, is your home as efficient as it should be?

Improving energy efficiency is the simplest, most cost-effective way to combat rising fuel costs and make your home more comfortable. The first step is to understand the condition and performance of your home, winter or summer.

Our home energy services audit will help you determine the most practical and cost-effective ways to increase the energy performance of your home. Often, a few targeted improvements can make a tremendous impact while helping you to avoid costly and unnecessary home improvement repairs.

A Home energy audit might confirm what you are thinking about problems in your home and could very likely find other issues that need to be addressed. Our expert consultants will prescribe practical solutions to resolve these issues. Our expert consultants will prescribe practical solutions to resolve these issues. They have the diagnostic tools needed to analyze what the eyes can’t see and the ability to locate whole house issues that, when resolved, will provide a more comfortable and energy efficient place to live.

Key factors in homeowner decision-making should include economic impact and estimated return on investment (ROI) of major improvements. Our in-depth home energy services audit provides you with the tools needed to make wise decisions on future home improvements, and energy efficient changes for your home.