About Us

 We are committed to bringing people together to create a path to acquire energy that is more affordable and environmentally sustainable and thereby truly determining the best alternatives for our members.

Our Vision

For over twenty years we have placed our members ahead of profits. We are committed to bringing people together to create a path to acquire energy that is more affordable and environmentally sustainable and thereby truly determining the best alternatives for our members.

We are the voice that represents you. Our commitment is to get the best possible prices and still hold our suppliers accountable. We work in partnership with you and act as your advocate in delivering the highest member satisfaction in the industry.

We are community focused. We partner with several initiatives that give back to participating non-profits and towns and strive to find additional ways to offer members opportunities to share their savings with the organizations that are close to their hearts.

Our greatest satisfaction comes when our members recognize the value of the Co-op and spread the word.  The membership is the heart of the Co-op and we hope you will share your savings with others.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead

How It Works

The Citizen’s Oil Co-op was incorporated in 1992 with a vision to unite heating oil consumers in Connecticut to leverage their purchasing power for a discounted rate on their home heating oil.  Since its establishment the Co-op has stretched to cover every town in Connecticut and Rhode Island and has grown to over 3,000 members.

In addition to heating oil we have been able to negotiate contracts to save consumers money on other home utilities such as electricity, Biofuel, propane, and insurance policies.

Our latest endeavor is to offer home energy audits to our members that can provide an average annual energy savings of $200 which puts more money in your pocket and reduces your carbon footprint.

As we continue to grow we will continue to negotiate competitive prices for our customers and continue to…Save more. Together.


Past, Present and Future of Citizen’s Oil Co-op

The Beginning
The Oil Co-op was formed in 1981 by Connecticut Citizen Action Group as a means to offer its members quality, full-service heating oil at fair prices.

The Past
In June of 1992 the Oil Co-op incorporated and began to offer its benefits to the members of many other non-profit groups, unions, churches and businesses.

The Present
Today the benefits of Citizen’s Oil Co-op are offered to members and employees of numerous non-profit groups, unions, universities and businesses throughout Connecticut.

The Future
Over the next decade the Oil Co-op plans to vastly expand. Bringing together larger numbers of consumers via the Internet and through word of mouth will generate financial benefits for individual consumers using group purchasing power! We’ve also started a program called The Next Step to create a way for members to raise funds for their favorite organization.

Policies and Fees

Our mission is simple – Provide consumers low prices for top quality, full-service heating oil.

Minimal fees allow Citizen’s Oil Co-op to provide substantial savings to its members! There is a $10 non-refundable application fee.  Membership dues are $35 ($25 seniors 55+) which renew annually.

Most participating companies require automatic delivery.  Check with us to see if the companies in your area require automatic fill or allow for a will call arrangement.  Will call arrangements require that you call and give a few days notice to the oil company.

Remember if you should choose to leave the co-op for any reason it is your responsibility to cancel any delivery arrangements you have with your oil or propane company.  Citizen’s Oil Co-op cannot act on your behalf to cancel service.  You must also cancel with Citizen’s Oil Co-op in order to stop auto-renewals.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us using the link below with any questions or comments. To receive one of our brochures just email your mailing address. Or, email us your phone number and one of our representatives will call you at a convenient time that you can specify. Thank you.

For Information:

Email: hutson@oilco-op.com
Work Phone: 860.561.6011
Fax: 860.561.9588