I’m saving cash on oil and electricity with the co-op and in times like this, that keeps me warm and happy!

I’ve been using them for three seasons. If you heat with oil, they can save you money. Their site usually shows their average price, which varies based on current wholesale pricing in Connecticut. I always do better than regular retail rates. You can still arrange with an oil provider to service your furnace just as you normally would. All the details are on their site or are available by calling them. There’s a very low fee to sign up for the oil co-op and none right now for the new electric co-op.

I just signed up for their new electric co-op service, which promises savings of five to 20 percent over “standard offer” electric rates. I got my first bill with the new provider and it was almost 17% lower than my bill from last month – and I even used an extra kilowatt hour of electricity this month. Again, it’s very easy and there’s no long term commitment or fee to switch. Your bill still comes from your regular electric company.

Check these guys out!

Paul S.,
West Hartford, CT