Save On Electricity

Why use the Co-op for electricity?

In Connecticut electric generation service is now open to competition and we’ve done the research to find a company that will provide you with a low price. Starion Energy is the company that we are currently working with in the Citizen’s Oil Co-op.

Our goal is to provide a cost efficient and convenient service to our customers and to do what Connecticut deregulation was created for, to lower electricity bills through out the state.

Our competitive electric rate is a free service that we offer and its east to join!  Simply have your last utility bill handy and click here to sign-up.

It’s important for you to know that regardless of the generation supplier you choose, your current supplier will deliver your electricity, bill you for service and respond to power outages.

What if my current provider is offering me a very low price?

Many electrical suppliers will offer very low “teaser” rates to the consumer that might be much lower than the state average or the rate that CL&P is charging.  However, these rates are often subject to change and many times will spike to a very high rate after just a few months.  This will negate any savings you might have accrued during the first few months if your rate jumps from .675 a kilowatt hour to .139 overnight.

Citizen’s Oil Co-op is also an information resource for consumers in Connecticut and we want to provide members with a fair competitive price.  We want everyone to have information so that they can make an informed decision on their home energy and receive the most competitive pricing possible.

What if CL&P’s rates increase?

We are working with Starion to ensure:

  • NO Hidden Fees
  • Serving both Residential and Commercial Customers
  • NO Sign-up Fee
  • NO Contracts
  • Continue to Receive the Same Bill from CL&P or UI
  • NO Deposit Required
  • NO Cancellation Fee

Their rates are subject to change based on rate changes in the industry.  The Co-op will inform you of any changes.

Questions  ~ Please Call our Office at 860-561-6011

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